Eine Gruppe Freunde an einem Tisch im Freien mit Weingläsern und Coravin System

The Coravin Collective

The Coravin Collective is a community of friends of the Coravin brand that can monetize their spheres of influence while promoting the best Wine Preservation System in the the world: Coravin.

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Good for your community, good for you!

When you join The Coravin Collective, you will be able to share a 10% discount off anything on Coravin.com through a unique promotional code created just for you and your community. Any sale using your promotional code will generate a 15% commission for you. It is easy to join and you can get started right away!

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How to Sign Up

1. Visit the Coravin Collective portal. Create a login and agree to the terms and conditions.

2. You will receive a confirmation email, letting you know your request is under review.

3. Once approved by the Coravin team, you will be assigned a unique promotional code associated with your account. Accept your 15% commission terms and complete your payment settings on the Rakuten portal, and you will be ready to start selling and sharing your code.

Questions? Email us at marketing@coravin.com.