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Not-so-Dryuary: How to Drink Wine in Moderation

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The start of a new year invites the opportunity to press the reset button and set new goals for the months ahead. Making these commitments is a ritual practiced around the world and, most often, resolution-makers vow to exercise more, eat healthier and consume less alcohol.

Now, given the nature of our business, we aren’t necessarily hopping on the Dryuary (Dry January) train, but we are supporting any goal to drink in moderation. In this article we’ll explain what Dryuary is, how to begin moderate drinking with Coravin and what apps to look out for that will help you stick to your goals and resolutions for 2024. Let’s begin...

What is Dryuary?

Dryuary, a word play on “Dry January,” is when you take a break from drinking alcohol for an entire month – specifically in January. The problem some face with this restrictive resolution is that prohibitive behavior often results in a rebellious response. The minute the clock strikes 00:00 on February 1, you find yourself desperately reaching for a glass. So, what’s the solution to combat this? Moderation!

4 Tips: How to drink in moderation

Finding a good balance between enjoying a drink and avoiding excessive consumption is an art. Drinking in moderation involves more than just self-control. Below is a list of our Top 5 Tips to help you drink more responsibly in the New Year. From mindful pouring to incorporating innovative tools, like the Coravin wine-by-the-glass system or making use of a moderate drinking app.

1. Measure as you Pour

After the crazy year we had, it feels good to kick back with a glass of oaky Chardonnay or bold Cabernet. We’re not here to stop you but we can offer an important piece of advice: It’s all about portion size and balance.

According to the USDA, one portion of wine is approximately 5 ounces (150ml). If you don’t know where that line is on your favorite wine glass, use a shot glass or measuring cup to find that spot and make a mental note for next time. Your Coravin wine preservation system can help by controlling the speed of the pour and giving the option to enjoy a glass without pulling the cork, thereby preserving what remains in the bottle for weeks to come. By preserving the wine in the bottle, Coravin minimizes the chances of leftover wine going to waste. This not only aligns with sustainable practices, but also encourages individuals to consume more responsibly.

2. Don't Drink before bed

Sleep is a very important pillar of living a healthy lifestyle. While that nightcap might make you sleepy, it can negatively disturb your sleep cycle. Enjoy a class at dinner and make that dessert wine a treat here and there, not every day.

3. Understand the health benefits

If you’re aiming to be more conscious about your overall health, red wine is considered to be the better choice when socializing, or even having a “wine”-d down after a long day at the office. For years, people have theorized that red wine has many health benefits because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Studies have shown that consuming a glass (150ml) of red wine a day helps to lower cholesterol, improve heart health and boost your immune system. That said, consult your doctor before prescribing yourself a daily drink.

4. Use an app

Mindful drinking, also coined the “Sober Curious” movement, is about being intentionally aware of how much alcohol we consume and the reasons why. For many, it can be tough to change or break the habit. Drinking is often ingrained in social activities and societal norms. The pressure to confirm and participate can be significant. Thankfully there are several mindful drinking apps that can help to foster better habits. Sunnyside, for example, uses daily reminders, offers easy to use tracking tools and has personalized coaching to help you stick to your goals. With all this in mind it is imperative to have a support system that understands and respects your decision to cut back on your alcohol intake. Surround yourself with friends, family and colleagues who support your ambitions.

5. Hydrate with water

You’ve probably learned this the hard way by waking up after a night of drinking with extreme thirst, fatigue, a headache, or irritability. Alcohol, in any form, is a diuretic which means it removes fluids from your blood and renal system faster than other liquids.

Before, during, and after enjoying a glass of wine, be sure to drink plenty of water. This way, you’ll sip wine slower and learn to turn to water to “quench your thirst” instead of alcohol.

Rethinking Dryuary

Resolutions stick when they are realistic lifestyle changes. For wine-lovers, dessert-lovers, cheese-lovers, chocolate-lovers, being healthy doesn’t mean depriving yourself of the things that make you happy. Instead of omitting vices from your diet, enjoy them in moderation.

By striking a balance between eating healthier foods, moving your body, and moderating alcohol intake, you’ll make small, maintainable strides towards your healthy living resolutions.

Good luck! And Happy New Year!